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To find the most suitable product, please use our "Products" section. You will find a suitable response there to all the inconveniences of daily life. These products are not medications and do not replace the advice of a doctor.

In the event of serious and/or lasting problems, we recommend you consult a health specialist.

Most of our products contain essential oils which are natural active ingredients. We recommend that you limit the combined amount of daily use to three products, especially skin application products. 

If you have any questions, please contact us via this link.

Absolutely, our products are formulated using active plant ingredients and 100% pure and natural essential oils.

Our formulas are therefore natural or organic, certified by Ecocert.

Our products are available in many countries.


To find the list of our sales outlets per country, please consult our: 
"Sales outlets on the corporate website" section.

Yes, these products are highly recommended, whether it be a roller to fight against skin imperfections, a purifying spray for the air, a gel to relieve minor injuries, a redensifying shampoo or any other well-formulated blend. Not only do essential oils act in synergy (several are often more effective than a single one) but in addition, these formulas are designed to eliminate any risk of toxicity and they undergo tolerance tests. Moreover, they are pleasant in texture.

Finally, using these products is economical. Take, for example, the Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray with 41 essential oils: buying 41 different vials of essential oils to make your own blend would cost you a fortune! Products of the Puressentiel range provide highly effective formulas, the results of which have been validated by scientific studies and consumer tests.

Puressentiel sells directly to pharmacies which are then free to sell them at the sale price that they believe is suitable.

Puressentiel therefore has no way to control the sale price to consumers.

Our products may indeed have variations in their aromas from one batch to another but always remain, with respect to their formula and the biochemical components present naturally in the essential oils which make them up, within the standard variations accepted both by our quality control and by the standards in force (Afnor, European Pharmacopoeia etc.).

Our essential oils are 100% natural, 100% pure and non-rectified vegetable substances. The composition of the aromatic molecules of essential oils depends on environmental factors such as weather and geographical conditions (sunlight, moisture, exposure, altitude, soil type etc.).

The essential oils used by Puressentiel are selected on the basis of criteria linked to their biochemical composition and not solely for their olfactory notes.

Therefore, each of our products made up of blends of several essential oils may present perceptible olfactory differences but with no modification of its intrinsic properties. These olfactory variations are above all a guarantee of the quality of a product that is of 100% pure and natural origin.

Our products are only available in pharmacies or parapharmacies. You can easily find the nearest sales outlet by visiting our  "Sales outlets" page.

If your usual pharmacy doesn't stock our products, it can order them from our wholesaler and have them ready for you to collect within 24 hours.

In accordance with European cosmetics Regulation, PURESSENTIEL does not test its products and ingredients on animals.

We provide a wide range of products formulated with 100% pure and natural essential oils, always in the respect of nature and people who cultivate it. 

Due to this regulation, we can’t advertise on the absence of animal testing, this is why we do not mention it on our packaging.