Spray, balm, food supplement… Try the natural efficacy of essential oils!


Puressentiel Rest & Relax Air Spray with 12 calming essential oils prepare you to have peaceful and serene night

The Rest & Relax Air Spray contains a blend of 12 essential oils known for their soothing, relaxing and sedative properties. Their synergy promotes almost immediate physical and psychic relaxation and helps to release tension and stress in order to ensure a peaceful and restful sleep.

Results : Quality of sleep: Improved by 93%*

This 100% natural and propellant gas-free spray with its fresh fragrance, clears the mind from everyday worries.
Spray before going to bed in the 4 corners of the bedroom or on a tissue placed on the bedside table.
An essential product for the whole family from 1 year old.

*Puressentiel scientific study


A relaxing caressing massage for the little ones

While some essential oils are only for adults, others can safely be used for baby's wellbeing such as the microdosed ones contained in the Puressentiel Rest & Relax Baby Balm. They are entirely suitable for babies' delicate skin, from 3 months. Ideal to help to provide rest and relaxation, soothe tensions and prepare to sleep, its action is enhanced by a gentle massage just before bedtime.


Enjoy benefits of a good night's sleep

Those who are bothered by the smell of essential oils but who still want to benefit from their properties and withdraw from chemical pills, can benefit from encapsulated essential oils to be swallowed with the Rest & Relax Organic Food Supplement.
A rigorously dosed blend of relaxing essential oils, known for preparing and contributing to a restful sleep. As a result, you awaken in a good shape!

The best in essential oils for relaxing nights and days full of vitality!