Puressentiel products provide every guarantee of efficacy and tolerance. They are validated by tests and studies carried out by independent expert test laboratories. 




Puressentiel supports the association Enfance et Partage, an association that fights for the rights of children.

Do you know?

Every year, Puressentiel supplies 272 tonnes of essential oils, representing, on average, more than 42,000 tonnes of raw plant material. For example, to produce a single 200ml Cleansing spray, up to 10 kilos of fresh plants are required and for the 500ml family format: 25 kilos! For a Sleep Relaxation bath, about 11 kilos are needed on average!

Puressentiel's procedure is included in our quality charter, guaranteeing total and complete respect of local populations, protection of children's rights and protection of the ecosystem and biodiversity through Organic or reasoned productions.

It is perfectly natural for Puressentiel to support Enfance et Partage in its actions in France and overseas:

  • Against maltreatment: the association fights to protect and defend children against all forms of maltreatment. Its main missions are based on prevention, listening, counselling and supporting children who are victims and their families.


  • For children's rights: Enfance et Partage fights for the recognition, promotion and defence of children's rights. It is certified by the National Education ministry and works in primary schools that request it. It organises free presentations based on its game "En route vers mes droits" (the road to my rights).
  • For the world's children: the association takes part in children's aid programmes in India, Madagascar and Senegal, in the education, health and economic development sectors.