Puressentiel®, a committed brand supporting many causes and associations.
Sharing and commitment are part of Puressentiel's DNA.


«Puressentiel Nature and Environment» award, Grand Prix Paris Match for student photojournalism

Since 2007, Puressentiel has been a partner of the Grand Prix Paris Match for student photojournalism, organised by Paris Match magazine, having created the "Puressentiel Nature and Environment" award. This award recognises a photojournalism report that depicts a societal and environmental issue and educates the younger generations about saving our planet.


Enfance et Partage

Puressentiel supports the Enfance et Partage association, which fights for the recognition, promotion and protection of children's rights.

Puressentiel educates consumers by creating limited-edition products featuring the "Enfance et Partage" logo. Isabelle Pacchioni, co-founder of Puressentiel and author of many books on aromatherapy, is donating 100% of the royalties from her latest book, Aromathérapia, to the association.


Les Petits Soleils

Puressentiel supports the Lebanese association Les Petits Soleils, founded by paediatrician Dr. Noha Baz. This association pays for medical and surgical care for any child from an impoverished family living in Lebanon, regardless of their ethnic or religious background. It is the only association in Lebanon that finances the care of migrant children (Syrian, Iraqi, Ethiopian, etc.). The association's support covers consultations and paramedical examinations (orthopaedic prosthesis, hospital costs and surgery).


La Sapaudia

Puressentiel supports the La Sapaudia association in its fight against leukaemia and to encourage bone marrow donation. The Sapaudia-Monoïkos walk, a real sporting and human challenge, takes place every year with around one hundred able-bodied and disabled cyclists, people registered on the bone marrow register... from Albertville to Monaco!

This 450 km-walk is an opportunity to highlight the issue of disability and promote bone marrow donation.