The Puressentiel laboratory was founded in 2005 by Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni out of their passion for aromatherapy and natural products.

Puressentiel, pure efficacy!

Puressentiel is an independent family company, a leader in the aromatherapy market in Europe and worldwide. The brand was created by Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni out of their passion for aromatherapy and natural active ingredients.

Together, surrounded by botanists, researchers, doctors and pharmacists, they develop a range of well-being, beauty and health products with essential oils and natural extracts, which are accessible, safe, effective and easy to use for the whole family every day.


An independent family business

Since it was founded in 2005, Puressentiel has developed unique expertise in creating ready-to-use formulas that combine the synergies of essential oils and the purest natural active ingredients and are designed to take care of the daily well-being needs of the whole family. The brand ranges include products for cleansing indoor air, easing joint or muscle pain, improving respiratory well-being, sleep, stress, intimate hygiene, slimming, hair care, heavy legs, skincare, lice treatments and mosquito and insect repellents.

Unique expertise

Puressentiel's philosophy is to make aromatherapy accessible to everyone and to offer simple, effective and natural solutions to help ease everyday aches and pains. It does so by making complex products using innovative and practical pharmaceuticals, but ensuring they have pleasant textures and scents. Puressentiel simplifies the use of essential oils and active natural ingredients with these "ready-to-use" products, supplied with clear instructions for use and precautions.


The founders

In 2005, Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni founded Puressentiel, a laboratory that offers a range of innovative natural and aromatherapy products for the health, beauty and well-being of everyone.

Ten years later, Puressentiel is the market leader in Belgium, France and Europe* and is present in 50 countries with the aim of becoming a global brand.


*IMS Europe study, 2013


Three questions for Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni
Founders of Puressentiel :

What are the origins of aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an ancestral science, recognised and used for more than 3,000 years. There is evidence of its use in aboriginal civilisations, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and the Middle Ages. Since the 1970s and with the advent of modern analysis techniques, aromatherapy has become a modern and recognised scientific discipline.

Essential oils have been the subject of over 15,000 official publications, all published in specialist scientific journals by international research teams and experts*. With its modern-day revival and recognition of its efficacy, aromatherapy has become a mainstay of so-called "natural and complementary" treatments.

*ref. PubMed– April 2015

What does Puressentiel bring to the aromatherapy market?

Puressentiel has brought a new impetus to the aromatherapy market.

We started the aromatherapy "trend" in France by making it accessible to everyone, safe and easy to use. We have systematically provided evidence of its efficacy and almost 10 years on, all the products that we have launched are still on the market and continue to grow in popularity. Our consumer satisfaction rates across the entire range stand at 99.38%*.

Puressentiel has now become a real solution for the daily well-being of the whole family. It has even become a real habit for many people! We sell through pharmacies and parapharmacies because we believe that a pharmacist's expertise and advice is essential.

*Out of 30,077 users, on 31 March 2015

A success which has sacrificed none of its founding values?

We created Puressentiel together. It's a family-run company. Our sister, Florence, is Operations Director and our son, Rocco, is International Director.

Through our independence, freedom to be innovative without restriction, strict quality charter, commitment to exceeding expectations, 100% natural products and French production, we take the utmost care in the production of our products.

The best evidence of this comes from the ongoing satisfaction of our users and their trust in our brand.

The secret to the success of our products lies in their efficacy and naturalness.