Focus on the brand's bestsellers

Each of the 140 products developed by Puressentiel has been a huge public success, as shown by the consistent record satisfaction rate of 99.38% of users [1]
 [1] Study of 30,077 users on 31 March 2014

Purifying Air Spray

The Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray with 41 essential oils, the brand's founding and pioneering product, is a genuine best-seller and Puressentiel's flagship product. It celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and its 41 essential oils have helped millions of users to breathe purer air. This air purifier boasts proven efficacy and tolerance, as demonstrated by no fewer than 12 studies. It has been the best-selling aromatherapy product in pharmacies in Belgium and France since its launch.It is also the second most popular of all products (excluding drugs and medical devices) sold in pharmacies in Belgium and France. One Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray is sold every 10 seconds worldwide!

Muscles and Joints Roller

The Puressentiel Muscles and Joints Roller with 14 essential oils, with its innovative and practical format, was launched in 2006. It is the ultimate SOS product for massaging sensitive areas. It is the top-selling product in the muscles and joints market1, and one of the flagship products of Team Puressentiel's athletes!

1 Source: Celtipharm – exit survey on French pharmacy customers – non-drug Muscles and Joints market – CAM April 2015.

Rest and Relax Spray

The Puressentiel Rest and Relax Spray is the flagship product in Puressentiel's Rest and Relax range. It was launched in 2006 and has been providing peaceful, restful nights for its users ever since. This product is the best-selling rest and relax spray, with an 83% market share2

2 Source: Celtipharm – exit survey on French pharmacy customers – Aromatherapy market/SLEEP STRESS spray - CAM April 2015.

Slimming Dry Oil

The Puressentiel Slimming Dry Oil with 18 essential oils was launched seven years ago and has since become the best-selling slimming oil in pharmacies and parapharmacies. Quite an achievement when most products are forgotten from one year to the next, as they are deemed disappointing by consumers. The Puressentiel Slimming Dry Oil is quite the opposite, having won women's loyalty thanks to its proven efficacy1.

 A real success story for this product favoured by women, as the record satisfaction figures show, which stand at 99.5%2

In 2014, the patented Celluli VAC vacuum cup was offered free of charge with the Puressentiel Slimming Dry Oil with 18 essential oils in a slimming gift box. In the space of a year, it became the best-selling slimming gift box.

1 Source: IMS annual total mobile CAM August 2013
2 Consumer test involving a sample of 2,039 users

Three questions for Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni
Founders of Puressentiel :

How do you explain the success of essential oil?

Products that are both natural AND effective are currently in fashion, among all types of user.

People are realising that sometimes we use too many medicines when it's not really necessary (to sleep for example). In addition, bacteria are developing resistance to antibiotics, and lice and mosquitoes are also becoming resistant to synthetic insecticides.

Recent surveys show that a large majority of consumers are turning towards natural solutions for their day-to-day troubles (colds, pain, stress, etc.), they are willing to consider health and well-being in a holistic way (food safety, sport, balance, etc.), and they are no longer resorting to "miracle" pills. 

Close to consumer concerns and requirements, aromatherapy is the ideal solution.  Natural and powerful, essential oils offer unparalleled efficacy and speed of action, not to mention a pleasant sensory experience.


Who uses Puressentiel product?

Our products are designed for a wide range of people, the whole family in fact: women, children, the elderly, sports enthusiasts and professionals alike. In short, anyone who is looking for a natural, simple and effective way to look after their health, beauty and well-being.


What advantages do ready-to-use products offer over individually sold essential oils?

The use of "ready-to-use" products is highly recommended – whether you're talking about a roller for skin imperfections, a cleansing spray for the air, a gel for little scratches, etc. – because using essential oils requires expertise and a certain number of prec. 

In well-formulated blends, essential oils act in synergy, and these formulas are carefully designed to eliminate any risk of toxic exposure or misuse. These products are also practical, reliable, easy to use and economical.