Puressentiel, proven efficacy


The range's development is supervised by teams of doctors, pharmacists and toxicology experts, who focus on researching effective natural active ingredients, which are then used in formulas that are accessible to everyone, safe, easy to use and with proven efficacy.

Product efficacy proven by scientific studies

Puressentiel has conducted 173 scientific studies and tests on its products to date, including 53 on their efficacy. These studies have been conducted in partnership with hospital doctors and independent researchers in order to create a gateway between the world of traditional medicines with its empirical knowledge and the latest developments in biomedical research.

Each of our products is a pure concentrate of active ingredients, containing no unnecessary compounds or compounds that are harmful to humans or the environment. Although there have been many studies on these products, the best evidence of their efficacy comes from consumers who largely confirm the results of the clinical studies: an average of 99.38% satisfaction* across all the products in the Puressentiel range!

*out of 30,077 users on 31 March 2015

Efficacy personified by Team Puressentiel

In a world where athletic performance must remain pure and the use of illicit products risk destroying the fundamental values of sport, aromatherapy can provide superb natural and effective solutions.

"Our products are pure and contain 100% natural active ingredients. They naturally satisfy the expectations of both amateur and elite athletes who are looking for effective aids to help improve their preparation and recovery,"

MARCO PACCHIONI, Co-Founder and CEO of Laboratoire Puressentiel.

Puressentiel supports many athletes who not only use but are also ambassadors for the brand and in 2010 created Team Puressentiel.

For the launch of its new Puressentiel Muscles and Joints TV campaign, Puressentiel has officially teamed up with Tony Parker, four-time NBA champion in the United States and European basketball champion. In the campaign, Tony Parker is the embodiment of pure efficacy and wears a number 14 jersey, symbolising the 14 essential oils of the Puressentiel Muscles and Joints Roller.


Puressentiel Team