Puressentiel was created in 2005 by Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni out of their passion for aromatherapy and natural products. A range of safe, effective, easy-to-use products.

The best in essential oils and natural active ingredients for daily health, beauty and well-being for the whole family.

Puressentiel makes aromatherapy universally available

 With the help of botanists, scientists and pharmacists, we formulate innovative, effective and practical products ensuring that we develop pleasant textures and fragrances. We are simplifying the use of essential oils with these "ready to use" products, supplied with clear instructions for use. Effective solutions for daily problems - from the purifying of ambient air, to obtaining more flexible movements, to promoting respiratory well-being and sleep, etc. »



Puressentiel takes the best from nature in an ecologically responsible way, so that it obtains the best and can reproduce it in its purest and most basic form to guarantee "efficacy at its purest ".

Aromatherapy is sourced on 5 continents

It depends entirely on nature's good intentions and generosity, as well as on climatic, environmental and even social or political events.

Essential oils are not created "ex nihilo", but these rare and precious materials come from leaves, flowers, fruit, barks, seeds, roots etc. and it sometimes requires astronomical quantities to extract just a few grams of active substance. How can you obtain the best raw materials? Where are they found? How can they be transformed without denaturing them? When is the ideal time to harvest them? What type of distillation will be used? So many vital questions we ask ourselves every day in order to obtain the best possible finished product. 

Respect and preserve nature and the people who cultivate it

Upstream work is intensified so as not to "isolate" a crop to the point of jeopardising it. To do this, it is vital to protect nature in its entirety by conserving the ecosystem and biodiversity, sustainable development, protection for the villages, families, growers, etc. who must be able to live decently from their work...

A commitment involving social responsibility and respectful of nature, transcribed in the Puressentiel Product Quality Charter and the Puressentiel Raw Materials Quality Charter.

Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni – founders of Puressentiel